“Wheatake 3”

I have been listening to voices of concern, anger, doubt, disappointment, and laments of no hope. Let me remind my brothers and sisters that the sun will always end the darkest night. The real light of the world still shines btight. Bethlehem's Star pointing to the Stable where where divinity and humanity became one still shines bright and still leads humankind. The sea may be rough and the road may be stony at this moment in our history, but just as the moon fades before the rising sun, each of us can be a sunbeam to dispel the darkness in which we are enveloped. There is sunshine in our minds, sunshine in our hearts, sunshine in our souls. Let us use the sunshine of our resilience, the sunshine of our strength to march forward in our daily tasks. Let us not tell the world who we are but let the sunshine of our actions show the world who we are. In the words of Meredith Grey: "What is broken can be mended. What's hurt can be healed. No matter how dark it gets, the sun is
gonna rise."


- Dr. Charles H. Wheatley.